Hold the phone

Fred Ewanuick isn’t only a great actor, he’s a great actor who loves the Vancouver Canucks. Every now and again he puts pen to paper and writes about his team and yesterday he emailed me the following to show his support going into Game 4.

Hold the phone. Nobody’s won anything just yet.

Why is it crazy to think the Canucks won’t win this series? I don’t think it’s so nuts to think that. 

It’s fair to say the Canucks have a very good chance to take game four.  They were the better team for the majority of game three. They didn’t score, sure, but the good news is, they haven’t forced Quick to make that huge save, either. And, I believe, that with this extra long break, the Canucks get a chance to step back and think about what they need to do to make it even harder on not just Quick, but all of the LA Kings.

So, if the Canucks can pull out a victory in Game 4, I think it’s just as reasonable to think that they have a great chance to take the next game in Vancouver. The Canucks, all season, have been able to stop those negative streaks, and then take that momentum and roll with it. So, two wins could very well lead to three. It’s not so crazy of a thing. It happens all the time. Then we’re at a game seven, winner takes all.  Then, my fellow Canuck fans, anything can happen.

I know the stats seem to be against them. Something like 160+ series starting in a 3-0 lead, the team with the lead has taken the vast majority of those series.  However, I see it this way, in the history of the Stanley Cup playoffs, three teams have comeback to win a series being down 3-0. There’s no question in my mind, that the Vancouver Canucks have a group of guys that can boost that stat to Four. Four teams that have come back from a 3-0 deficit.

Keep faith fellow Canuck fans, it AINT OVER YET.

Go Canucks Go!