LA fun times

Monday started off on a somewhat hilarious note. Canucks cameraman Rory McGarry, Team 1040’s Dave Tomlinson and myself went for breakfast to this great place called Jinky’s Cafe in Santa Monica.

We walk into the restaurant and Aaron Rome and David Booth are, coincidentally enough, in a booth eating breakfast. We said hi and sat down and didn’t hear from them until Booth yelled over ‘Boo,’ to which I turned and smiled, thinking he was just being a dork.

Turns out the waitress, who happens to be from Vancouver, recognized Rome and Booth as Canucks, so she was chatting them up when Booth decided to deflect the attention to us. Booth wasn’t yelling ‘Boo,’ he was yelling ‘Lu,’ as in Roberto Luongo. He told the waitress I was Luongo and that Rory was Cory Schneider.

Rome and Booth finished eating and stopped for a quick chat before taking off and leaving us with our new fan Norita, who suddenly became the greatest waitress in the world. She eventually worked up the courage to come talk to us about our play and wasn’t long into her spiel about what a big fan she is when Rory broke the news that we aren’t players. Things got awkward when she still asked to have her picture taken with us.

What a way to start the day!

Monday was busy in the morning and early afternoon after the news of Daniel Sedin joining the team surfaced and I worked until about 3:30 p.m. before trading my make-believe work hat for a make-believe play hat. That’s when Rory, Dave, Jeff Vinnick and I rented bikes and made our way down to Venice Beach - one of the coolest places anywhere ever.

We watched some hockey before heading over to the Santa Monica pier to play air-hockey before heading over to some incredible pizza place for a slice to end the night with.

Monday truly was funday, but now that we’re re-energized, players too, it’s time to get back to work. The Canucks practice this afternoon in preparation for Game 4 Wednesday.