State of shock

I’ve got a new nickname for Los Angeles: The City of Shock.

Since we arrived in LA roughly 48 hours ago, it’s been once shocking thing after another.

When we got here Saturday, I was shocked at how beautiful Santa Monica is. I haven’t seen too many places as close to heaven on earth as this.

Yesterday shock came my way via a brutal sunburn on my neck after eating a quick breakfast on the Santa Monica pier, followed by the shock of a Kings fan punching the Canucks team bus as we neared the Staples Center. Fairly sure I looked like Kevin McAllister trying aftershave for the first time after that happened.

I was then shocked to run into Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol, all 7-foot, 215-pounds of him, shocked by the amazing buffet ice cream dessert bar post-media meal and shocked at how nervous I was for Game 3.

Game 3 produced another fair share of shocking moments that includes, but isn’t limited to, how well the Canucks played, the Hockey Gods inability to give them a single bounce, and an eventual loss to go down 3-0 in the best-of-seven Western Conference Quarter-Final.

Already in shock from the loss, my shock doubled when I met David Beckham and Kobe Bryant after taking a left instead of a right out of the media elevator – best moron moment of my life. Cory Monteith was also there, as were about 10 other massive celebrities, whom I had to push through to get to Vancouver’s dressing room.

My final shock of the night was that the Canucks weren’t shocked, they weren’t stunned, they weren’t surprised following the 1-0 loss. They stuck to the script, stood behind their solid 60-minute effort and vowed to win Game 4 and take the series back to Vancouver.

Only four teams in professional sports (three NHL teams) have ever come back from down 3-0 and shock is exactly how teams who lost those series felt, and probably still feel, as a result.

Can the Canucks comeback to shock the Kings? Sure. Will the Canucks comeback? Well, I feel that depends on if I can do something while in Los Angeles to get to turn this series around. It has now become personal.

How can I jinx the Kings, and especially masked man Jonathan Quick that is currently haunting the Canucks? Submit your suggestions here – best ideas win, well hopefully win, Game 4 for Vancouver, and maybe even an eventual #reversesweep, as proposed by Juicetra, friend of Fort Nucks.

Chins up Canucks fans, the team needs you now more than ever.