Hashing out a hashtag

Moments after the San Jose Sharks took a bite out of the Los Angeles Kings in game 1,230, the final of the 2011-12 NHL season, hashtags for Vancouver’s upcoming series versus Los Angeles started flying left and right.

There were some clever suggestions, like #ownthethrown, and some not so clever ones like #justKinging - which may or may not have come from me. We, your friendly team at, then put our heads together to figure out which hashtag we should use as the official hashtag for the opening round of the playoffs.

The overwhelmingly popular hashtag has been #ownthethrown, but I, Derek Jory, personally do not like it, and that’s nothing against anyone suggesting it. It’s just that it’s been used before, two consecutive years to be exact, by the Canucks and the San Jose Sharks. It feels like how we created Towel Power, now everyone does it. #lame

It’s a tired hashtag and it’s time for something new.

We’re proposing: #reigningCanucks

Allow me to explain. Vancouver beat Los Angeles in the Western Conference Quarter-Finals two years ago, so the Canucks are looking to reign over the Kings again. The hashtag also alludes to Vancouver’s weather, it rains a lot here, and a play of words conjures up an image of Canucks raining from the sky, attacking Kings, queens and anyone else in their path to glory.

It’s new, it’s unique and it’s Canucks specific. Let others own the throne, let’s be #reigningCanucks.