Looking good annnnd not so good

I have the above photo filed under Lookin’ Good, for obvious reasons.

Meet Connor Benson, he’s three-years-old and clearly knows how to make a name for himself. Not only did be bomb coach Alain Vigneault’s photo, he did it with style and pizazz Ryan Kesler has yet to accomplish.

This epic snapshot was taken by Jeff Vinnick while the Canucks were in Dallas on March 22nd. The Benson clan, mom, dad, Connor and his seven-year-old sister Rachel were all in attendance; everyone but dad was supporting the Canucks and it paid off in more ways than one. Vancouver won the game, wicked, and Connor and Rachel went home with some priceless souvenirs.

One of the Canucks gave Connor his stick after the game and David Booth tossed Rachel a puck; reports out of Oklahoma are that these two haven’t stopped showing them off since.

How does a family from Oklahoma become fans of the Canucks? Well, Connor dressed up as his idol Luongo for Halloween last year and he has remained loyal to him ever since. Most of the rest of the family has latched on, all except dad – they’re always the most stubborn!


I have the photo below filed under Lookin’ Bad, for not so obvious reasons.

Here’s Joey Kenward interviewing Sammy Pahlsson Wednesday night after the Canucks beat the Avalanche.

All appears to be fine and dandy, until you take a closer look at Joey’s tie…

Yes, that’s an ice cream cone tie. On an NHL reporter.

This forever gives new meaning to the saying tie one on - just don’t forget this is coming from a guy who wore a bow tie to cover a game earlier this year, so take it with a grain of salt.