Find Zack. Win stuff.

I finally unpacked my work bag from Vancouver’s recent road trip and I discovered a 2012 Northwest Division Champions hat and shirt I was given from the Canucks media relations staff, to give to you.

Winning is easy. Find Zack Kassian somewhere on, click his photo and enter the form to win. You’re in search of the above photo of Kassian, just without the remarkably tacky clip art.

Look here, look there, look everywhere on and once you find Kassian, fill in the form and cross your fingers. We don’t recommend holding your breath, we want you to believe in blue, not turn blue.

Randomly drawn winner will be announced Thursday morning.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Some of you have found a picture of Zack Kassian, maybe even the one above, but not the correct one – did I forget to mention there might be a couple of them? My bad. Keep looking. I assure you the link works and the form is fine. There are 30 entries already…happy hunting!

WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Julie Holden, the randomly drawn winner of the Northwest Division championship gear! Julie was one of 200 people who found Zack Kassian on’s podcast page. The contest is now over, so Kassian is gone, but here’s a photo proving he was there.