Hansen or Lapierre?

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes over the years, last night before I went to sleep there was three minutes left in an epsiode of Rosanne and I watched it.

I’m far from perfect, I admit it. But when you work for the Vancouver Canucks, it’s important to know who the actual Vancouver Canucks are – telling the players apart is essential. No, I’m not talking about the twins, although I did master Hank vs. Dank earlier this year, this concerns Maxim Lapierre and Jannik Hansen.

The photo below appeared in Monday’s Behind the Lens gallery – I captioned it: Maxim Lapierre reads the morning news.

Tuesday the photo below was featured in Behind the Lens – I captioned it: Jannik Hansen reads the morning news.

Moments after each Behind the Lens gallery was posted on and tweeted out via @VanCanucks, fans were all over me for not knowing the difference between the players. I got probably 50 tweets directed my way, including one with head shots of both guys to prove I was wrong, which I laughed off; all one had to do was look at the nameplate above the stall to know what was going on.

A lot of you didn’t. Like jonnycanuck46, who started an entire thread devoted to it on saying: The last two behind the lens installments (Days 2 and 3), The captioner (I’m assuming Jory) has tagged Max Lapierre in all Jannik Hansen’s shots, and Jannik Hansen in all Max Lapierre shots? Funny, I’m guessing this is another behind the scenes joke with the team?

Or like Trudi Alves ‏, aka @Burrowsfan_14, who tweeted: @VanCanucks it’s Max Lapierre not Jannick Hansen. #derekjorypostturbulencesyndrome

So, yes, to clarify: I am an idiot, but I can tell the Canucks apart. I was just Jannikin’ your chains.


Trudi’s tweet did make me laugh for the clever hashtag though, which relates back to this feature I did yesterday on Henrik Sedin’s fear of flying. I wasn’t sure if it would end up a blog post or an actual feature, but Henrik was really into it, he’s legit freaked out up in the clouds, as am I, and it turned into a story I’m proud of – or was proud of.

Tuesday night Jeff Vinnick and I met up with the three of four members of the Air Canucks flight crew for supper in downtown Chicago and wouldn’t you know it, they had also invited the Air Canucks pilots. Derek, these are our current pilots, Allan and Gilles; guys this is Derek Jory, the writer for the Canucks. “So you’re the one who wrote about the flights being turbulent…” Allan, sitting across from me, deadpanned. “Interesting story,” added Gilles, seated to my right, even deadpanneder.

Five…10…15 seconds went by before the pilots both cracked up laughing. They were just messing with me and I almost messed myself.

They are both great guys, but I do not recommend hearing horror stories from pilots if you are already uneasy about flying. I will not be relaying their tales to Henrik.


Saturday night when the Canucks hosted the Columbus Blue Jackets, Jeff Vinnick, who sits between the benches to shoot the game, captured the following image of Zack Kassian.

I asked Zack about this yesterday and he was speechless. Well, not entirely: “I have no idea what that’s about and I’m sorry if I scared anyone.”

Apology accepted.


Our pals over at Pass It To Bulis broke the story of the year back on March 13th outing Manny Malhotra for once having hair. These photos are not touched up at all, I can confirm no photoshopping was involved as I purchased them off Getty to be sure. I then took them into the Canucks locker room Tuesday to get some reaction from the guys.

Malhotra: “Oh wow, where did you find those? Pretty nice, hey…those were the days.”

Luongo: “Is that Manny, holy cow. Is that photoshopped? Wow, has seen those? Those are out there, I approve of that hair but only if it’s to make fun of him.”

Booth: “Oh my gosh. That’s crazy. I don’t know what do say.”

I know what do say: at least you didn’t have a bowl cut…