Have some art

Kanye West said it best: How could you be so artless?

Let’s remedy that.

Zack Kassian, Samuel Pahlsson and Marc-Andre Gragnani have all been members of the Vancouver Canucks for a few weeks now, so it’s time we showed the new guys some love. I can’t think of a better way to do that than a good ol’ fashion art contest.

Taking part is easy. Follow these steps.

1. Sign up for a free deviantArt account, then join #VancouverCanucks page on deviantArt.

2. Create a fabulous work of art that fits into either cartoons and comics, digital art, drawings, paintings, or others, and submit it to the #VancouverCanucks page (click gallery, go into the contest folder titled: Contest – The New Guys, then click submit).

3. That’s it. (Contest is open to new and existing members)

The contest begins today, March 15th, at 9 a.m. and runs until March 30th at 9 a.m. Members of the #VancouverCanucks page on deviantArt will then vote for their favourites for each player, with the top three pieces of art for each player making the final (nine pieces of art in total). The final pieces of art will be taken directly to Kassian, Pahlsson and Gragnani in the Canucks dressing room, and they will choose the best of the best.

The three winners will not only be enshrined in the Fort Nucks Art Hall of Fame (FNAHF for short) that I just invented right now, they’ll also receive an exclusive prize from Each winner gets an autographed puck from the player they arted – yes, I know that’s not a word, but focus, there are cool prizes up for grabs!


UPDATE: As of March 23rd, only 21 works of art have been submitted. Click here to see them all. And stop being so shy with your art, it’s beautiful. Submit it before it’s too late!

UPDATE #2: With less than a day remaining to submit your art, 35 amazing photos have been entered to win. Click here to see them all. It’s not too late for you to enter your work of art, submit it now while there’s still time…