Shout out to Oakbank Pharmacy

Some dares are worth it. Like the time I was dared to lick the cattle fence at my grandpa’s farm in the middle of winter and got my tongue stuck and cows came over and licked my face with their disgustingly disgusting hot tongues. Or the time I was dared to sneak up behind my sleeping dog Max and yell to wake him up, only to have him chase me away and bite me in the butt. I may or may not still have a little scar.

Actually, those dares were lame and so was this one.

The Winnipeg Jets put up quite a fight Thursday night in a 3-2 loss to the Vancouver Canucks, and there was just as much battling going on in the stands between fans. Tough to argue the Jets didn’t win that battle, but after seeing this photo, sent to me by Jeff Vinnick, I’m not sure what to think.

Take a look.

Now look again, zoomed in on the sign.

Who brings a sign to a hockey game that reads: “OAKBANK PHARMACY GREATEST PHARMACY IN THE WORLD!!! You’re welcome Glenn” ?!? It’s not like Glenn Sanclemente, owner of Oakbank Pharmasave at 1-559 Main Street in Oakbank, Manitoba, postal code R0E 1J1, is going to get any free promotion out of this, which is kind of unfair because we all know if you’re in Oakbank and need quality pharmaceutical supplies at down to earth pricing even working folks can afford, you’re headed to Oakbank Pharmasave.

Anyways, nice try Glenn’s friend, but your attempt to get Oakbank Pharmacy, rumoured to be the greatest pharmacy in the world, on the map has failed. But here’s a map of where Oakbank Pharmacy is on a map of Oakbank, just in case.