Attack of the giggles

Sunday really was funday – or funny day in the case of Canucks coach Alain Vigneault.

Near the end of the first period of Vancouver’s game in Dallas, Sportsnet cameras caught the Canucks bench boss busting a gut during a stoppage in play. He was joined by Kevin Bieksa, seated below him, and a few other Canucks.

You’ve likely already seen the video, it’s one for the achieves, but take a minute and watch it again. It’s worth it for the fact that hard-nosed Vigneault is rarely seen in this light.

So what was so funny?

Well, Dallas Stars Vern Fiddler provided some comic relief as he skated by the Canucks bench with his impression of Bieksa’s angry face. His frown is drastically upside down and he does a little shimmy shake as he passes by.

Once you see the video you’ll know you can’t really blame any of the guys for laughing. It’s hilarious. It’s trash talking at its best or worst, depending on where you stand.

“It’s one of those things where maybe he took it a little bit too far, it was kind of funny the first five, 10, 15, 20 seconds, then after a while I started to wonder if there was something seriously wrong with this guy,” laughed Bieksa.

Coach Vigneault is a serious guy behind the bench and when dealing with his players in general, he will have a good chuckle or two during media sessions and I saw him laugh while watching The Rum Diary aboard Air Canucks earlier this trip, but overall his poker face is excellent.

Turns out all he needed was the right comedian.

Speaking of comedians, I caught up with stand-up comic, actress and comedy writer Sarah Colonna, a regular on E!’s Chelsea Lately and author of the new book “Life as I Blow It,” during the first intermission in Dallas.

We are now collaborating on a secret project for I’ll reveal more when the time is right.

Get ready to laugh like Vigneault.