After two consecutive nights of checking out the nightlife in Nashville, I spent a much needed night in when we get to Detroit Wednesday. My evening consisted of a nap, Titanic was on so I watched a fewminutes hours of that, ordered a grilled cheese and soup for supper, then watched some college basketball. I wasn’t so much watching the basketball game (it might not have even been college hoops!) as much as it was on as background noise while I worked on a David Booth story.

Then I got distracted.

During the hoops action the visiting team, I have no idea who they were so we’ll call them the “Pittsburgh Platypus”, outscored the home team, ummmm the “Chattanooga Fighting Chimpanzee,” 19-0 to end the first half. That led to a lot of booing and prompted a discussion from the announcers about booing and how those fans really knew how to boo.

I didn’t know there was an art to booing, but apparently there is. It’s a lot like showing Roberto Luongo love with a LUUUUUUUUU cheer I guess, there’s a time and place for each cheer, depending on the situation. As you’ll see from the graphic below that I spent way too much time creating out of sheer fun, a first period save and a stop in overtime deserve drastically different cheers.

Let’s hope there’s a lot of LUUUU and LUUUUU cheers tonight in Detroit, maybe even a LUUUUUUU if Luongo gets into the zone. Fingers crossed LUUUUUUUU never has to happen again.

We travel to New Jersey post-game, so I’ll touch base from Devils land tomorrow.