Honky tonk hockey

We board Air Canucks this afternoon, everyone gets settled and what movie starts playing?


I’ve got nothing against the flick, it’s a quality two hours, but you can’t help but be wary of germs after watching it. And we’re on an airplane with recycled air. And someone just coughed. And someone just sneezed. Why am I touching my face?

I’m surprised I’m not foaming at the mouth like Gwyneth Paltrow right now. (I love that I just looked in the mirror and actually had white toothpaste on the side of my mouth).Maybe Howie Mandel isn’t such an odd dude after all. Howie Mandel is still overdoing it.

We are now in Detroit, the Motor City, the birthplace of motors and other motor related things. This is our third city of the trip, after Thursday night’s game against the Red Wings our journey is half done.

What did I think of Nashville? Great question. Here are my random thoughts from our time in the Music City.

-The equipment said Tim McGraw, the music they were singing was Tim McGraw’s and I saw a guy in front with a BBQ stain on his white t-shirt. That last part was a lie, but I actually think I saw McGraw practicing with his band at the reversal stage in Bridgestone Arena.

-I managed to resist saying Honky Tonk Badonkadonk while in Nashville. I’m proud of me too.

-The hotel we stayed at featured a lot of nice things such as a phone beside the toilet and a lady who brought me tiny cookies and a bottle of water one night. The coolest thing was the washroom of the bar under the hotel though; it has been voted the nicest washroom in the United States for quite a few years in a row.

-I walked to the game with Alex Burrows, Dale Weise, Maxim Lapierre, Jannik Hansen and Mason Raymond yesterday and I wish I could relay all the hilarity of it, but there just isn’t time. I was nearly in tears from all the bantering. Thankfully it wasn’t directed at me.

-Of all the cowboys I saw in Nashville, none of them hold a candle to Woody from Toy Story.

-The Predators email out quotes post-game. This was a first for me and I must say, it’s quite nice. I had already gotten my own quotes so I didn’t use them, but it shows they care. Next time I hope they write my story for me too!

-They should put gum in more things. I had a lollypop on the bus to the airport this morning and it had gum in the centre. Very tasty.

-I’ve never had chapped lips in my life, then I get to Nashville and BOOM, chapped. I felt like Napoleon Dynamite trying to source out lip chap.

-Bought my dad a belt buckle the size of my head at a cool store that sold boots and shirts, it was called Boots ‘N Shirts. I tried to make it part of my attire for last night’s game, but it was too over the top.

Have a wonderful rest of your day/night, I’m off to find a submarine sandwich.