Deviant Canucks

You create a cool piece of Canucks art and want to share it with the world. How exactly do you do that?

The answer is deviantArt and specifically the #VancouverCanucks page on deviantArt.

For those out of the loop, like myself, deviantArt is an online community of user-made art and it’s not just guys like me drawing stick men in MS Paint, there are some incredible things to be found from some incredibly skilled people. Take a tour, it’s free after all.

If you want to join the #VancouverCanucks page on deviantArt it’s quite simple, just go here and read the FAQs on how to join on the right hand side. There are currently 84 members (the most of any NHL group on deviantArt) able to submit their Canucks themed art, from cartoons and comics, digital art and drawings, to literature, paintings, photography, snapshots and anything else, so long as it’s related to the Vancouver Canucks.

But wait, there’s more!

The group also runs contests to feature the best of the best and I’m not sure if there is actual prizing for this, but there will be after we send the group some swag to give out. The group members vote on the winners; below are the three winners from the last contest run, themed Your Favourite Current Canuck.

What are you waiting for, go join the #VancouverCanucks page on deviantArt!

Sami Salo by ArtAngelo

Chibi Louie by HBK316


Note: The Sedin 1 Sedin 2 image used at the top was created by sergeiofrussia.