December in February

Way back before the blog was back, I was getting cool emails from fans with great content. Instead of just filing them away in a special folder (trash), I held on to them, sure they’d see the light of day sometime.

That sometime is today.

We’re going to pretend it’s December and pretend these are timely. Should we take it a step further and listen to Jingle Bells as well? Heck yes! Oh and don’t forget, there’s only 15 shopping days until Christmas!

Canucks in Prague

Hey Derek,

So I had to send you these pics.

My friend and I are on a road trip in Eastern Europe, and we found this wooden doll shop in Prague that had these little Canuck dolls. Crazy eh! We informed them that Samuelsson doesn’t play for the Canucks anymore, but they didn’t understand… But we bought them out and now everyone will be getting these for Christmas! haha

Anyways, thought they were kinda cool!

Take care,


Tanner’s Art

Tanner home sick from school today. Here’s what he worked on besides math homework

Canuck tree things

Hey Derek. Hope you had a great Christmas.

We have a regular collaborator named Chloe Ezra who does some incredible, adorable, original Canucks art. I urge you to check out her “Hanging Canuck tree things”, which are unlike any Canuck-themed ornaments you’ve ever seen. Seriously, they’re amazing. I suspect that the moment you see them, you’ll be compelled to share them with everyone you’ve ever known. They’re that good.


As you can see from photo below, they are that good so everyone I’ve ever known LISTEN UP – click here for awesome Ezra ornaments.

Josie’s inspiration

Remember Josie Pareja? Of course you do, I know I do. The 68-year-old was diagnosed with uterine cancer in October 2010 and during the tough times, the Canucks were there for her.

Josie caught our attention because she wrote in just wanting to say thank you. She was kind and genuine and wasn’t looking for tickets or autographed swag. Josie recently put pen to paper again to write in with an update. Note – Here’s the original story on Josie.

A year ago, I was asking all of you to pray for me as I encountered one of the hardest ordeals of my life. The Lord listened to all of your prayers and has given me a second chance to still enjoy life. I am so happy to share with you the good news that I am cancer free and Rolly and I thank you all so much for your prayers. I still ask you to continue praying for me that my cancer not come back. My faith in the Lord will hopefully pave the way to my complete recovery.

I’m also glad to share with you that I got my two wishes fulfilled when I was having my chemo and radiation treatments – one more cruise to the Mediterranean which we took on Sept. 8th to the 20th and a family holiday which we also did in Las Vegas from Oct. 5th to the 11th. The cruise took us to Sicily in Italy, Ephesus and Istanbul in Turkey and Rhodes and Athens in Greece. It was fun except for the time that I suffered a urinary tract infection in the ship. Las Vegas was more enjoyable as Rolly and I had so much fun with our grandsons. My son-in-law spoiled us by having fine dining every night where we had to really dress up to get into the restaurant.

Since we got back from Las Vegas, every day for me was a bonus. Got my energy back and Rolly and I were able to do the normal things which we are so use doing out here in Vancouver. Have taken short 2-day trips across the border to the States to shop for Christmas decorations and gifts for the family. We started to decorate our house for Christmas on Nov. 15th to make up for last year’s Christmas and have completed my Christmas menu dinner for the family. For all these, I thank the Lord so much. He has been so good to me!!!

Merry Christmas to you all and your families and may the New Year bring us abundant blessings from the Lord!

God Bless!

Josie Pareja