Bieksa, by Bieksa - the backstory

I draw inspiration from a lot of different places and for my latest feature on, I have to give a monster shout out to GQ Magazine (not that they’re listening!).

As I explained in the story, I custom wrote a story for Kevin Bieksa and cut out words in key places for him to fill in. As I had hoped, the end result is both revealing and hilarious. By no means did I get off to a good start with Bieksa, though.

The Canucks defenceman had the story in his hand for three seconds before pointing out an error. Look closely at the photo above, the second paragraph reads: I go by Kevin, middle name Christopher, but I’m not short on nicknames, including JUICE.

And here I thought Wikipedia was a trustworthy source of information.

Bieksa was quick to scribble outChristopherand replace it with his actual middle name Francesco. He laughed and said it was a Wikipedia error.

That’s where you come in.

How can we expect Boom Boom Bieksa to be at his best when he’s being disrespect? If Wikipedia were a person, I imagine Bieksa would give him a black eye. So let’s get that fixed. Anyone know how to do that?

Pull some strings, see what you can do. It’s the least we can do for Bieksa, especially after he humored us all in the Bieksa, by Bieksa feature.

I’m leaving you in charge of this, yes you, the fate of humankind is in your hands.