A vegetarian in space

My resume won’t look the same after this road trip.

First it was going to Harvard, that really bulked it up nicely, now this. Flying from Tampa Bay to St. Louis yesterday I was declared the first vegetarian to ever fly Air Canucks.

Whan an honour. I want to thank everybody and anybody who ever had anything at all to do with the making of this picture. But I especially want to thank Clint Eastwood for giving me the opportunity to work with him again.

While not the same as winning Best Supporting Actor for his role in Million Dollar Baby like Morgan Freeman did, this is big to me nonetheless. And by big I mean it gives me something to blog about today.

The food selection on Air Canucks, as I’ve mentioned before, is outstanding, especially for carnivores. Fish, steak, chicken, anything and everything cooked just the way you like it.

Problem is, I don’t like it. Last year during my time on the road I just ate around the meat, I wasn’t about to call for an emergency landing in Possum Grape, Arkansas, because a piece of tuna touched my rice.

This year, feeling more comfortable flying with the team, I told the man in charge of the flight, Robert (he’s French so it’s pronounced Ro-bear), that I don’t eat anything with a face. His response? Order me some special pasta in for the rest of the road trip.

Talk about making this herbivore feel welcome.

Long story short, I typically fly Air Canucks with a huge smile on my face and now it’s even bigger. The flight crew treats everyone on board like family, family that would never forget you in Wal-Mart when you’re six.

Speaking of shock and terror, I awoke this morning to find it snowing in St. Louis. I moved from Manitoba to British Columbia to get away from this white stuff and now it has followed me to St. Louis. How rude.

Good thing I did some touring of the Gateway to the West yesterday.

Like meeting someone new for the first time, you read a lot into that initial interaction when visiting a new city.

We landed here yesterday around 1 p.m., got to the hotel around 2 p.m., I put together Wednesday’s Behind the Lens gallery and then went exploring.

When I’m someplace new, I’m without a map or direction whatsoever and I always start with a right, right, left and just go with where it takes me. In St. Louis that led me to a Subway, sandwich not train, but after doing a good hour of wandering aimlessly, I have a pretty good idea what St. Louis is.

In a nutshell, it’s a parking lot, but not in the insulting way that is typically meant.

There are parking lots everywhere. Big ones, side-by-side and back-to-back, of all different colours. From what I gathered, the baseball stadium, football stadium and hockey arena are all fairly close to each other and fans need somewhere to park. The downtown core accommodates that.

It just doesn’t make for a very lively atmosphere. It was a quiet ghost town the entire time I was out and about, I crossed paths with two people, seriously, and one of them was Keith Ballard.

So if you’re visiting St. Louis and you stay downtown, I cannot make any recommendations on what to see or where to go. Unless you’re looking to park a car.

The Canucks have a game day skate this morning before taking on the Blues tonight. We fly home post-game and I can’t wait to be back where the world makes sense.

I leave you with a joke I made up on the plane and yes, I know it’s awful: What would you get if Old McDonald and St. Louis rapper Nelly owned a farm? E I E I Uh-oh!

Note: If you didn’t find that funny it’s because you aren’t with it anymore. Or because it wasn’t actually funny.