So many questions…

It’s about this time every trip things start blurringtogether.

What day is it? What city are we in? What time is the bus? When is the game? What room am I in? Who am I?

For my own sake, let’s review: It’s Tuesday. We’re now in Tampa Bay. No need for a bus, the rink is within walking distance for even me. Game time is 7:30 p.m. EST. I don’t actually know my room number. I have no idea who I am, either.

The questions from Vancouver’s 2-1 loss to Florida last night are difficult to answer as well. How do the Canucks go from knocking off one of the NHL’s best teams to losing a winnable game? Meh, it’s one game. If they won them all, being a fan wouldn’t be exciting. We’d have nothing do debate. And tonight’s game against the Lightning wouldn’t be as good.

Am I just breathing hot air? Probably, but it sounded nice!

Winning is definitely the way to go on the road. Winning makes everyone happy, which makes for comfortable and even fun bus and plane rides. Otherwise it’s like last night. You remember going on long road trips growing up when your dad would get in a sour mood? You knew not to push his buttons. Sit down and shut up.

That’s my mentality after losses. Sit down and shut up.

It’s not like the players, coaches or management are so angry they’re throwing chairs, but a loss is a loss and if they’re in a sour mood the last thing they need to see is me on the plane having a jolly old belly laugh to some insanely childish movie I’m watching when I should be working.

Think of it as stubbing your toe. You just need a few minutes for the sting to wear off and whilst in that throbbing period, laughter is the worst medicine.

So far all I can tell you about Tampa Bay is that is has some buildings and that I’m in one of them. As you can see from the photo above, Tampa Bay is a black and white city, there are palm trees here too, and the rink is a stone’s throw away, but I couldn’t actually throw a stone at it this morning. That’s either because I have a noodle for an arm or the rock was too heavy. It was a pebble after all.

Big shout out to all the Canucks fan who made the trip to Florida for last night’s game, the team heard and more than appreciated your cheering.

Here’s hoping we see you all at the game tonight.

Until tomorrow, I’ve got to find some pants, actually go for breakfast instead of settling for the Aero bar in my bag and figure out what room I’m in. Oh, and who I am.

Should be a busy day.