The great gator debate

Good morning from Florida – or should I say mediocre morning from Florida.

As I opened the curtains in my hotel room and readied to be blasted by the sun like a Care Bare stare, I was disappointed to find the sun hiding behind some big puffy white and grey marshmallow looking things. Not only that, the wind was blowing hard enough to move a napkin and I just don’t think it’s going to be a beach morning.


I’m just teasing, it’s definitely not beach weather, yet, but it’s still very nice out. All the time too. I’ll be back sometime to enjoy it properly, you can count on that.

Sunday was a great day and it began with a photo you might or might not have seen in yesterday’s Behind the Lens: with Jannik Hansen claiming to spot an alligator in a swamp across from the Florida Panthers arena before practice.

Photographer Rick Collins got a shot of Hansen pointing to something, with Maxim Lapierre and Mason Raymond hustling to catch a glimpse. Lapierre and Raymond did not back up the gator claims, yet Hansen swears he saw it.

Naturally this led to a full scale alligator hunt post-practice with almost every Canucks player getting close, but not too close, to where the alleged gator resided.

As I made my way over to hopefully catch a glimpse of a beastly reptile, the driver of Vancouver’s team bus told me that in seven years of driving teams to and from the rink, he’s never seen a gator, not even an itty bitty one.

Ten minutes later we were all on the bus, no alligator sightings to be reported.

Did Hansen actually see what he thinks he saw? It’s cooler to believe he did, so I stand by the Honey Badger.

When we got back to the hotel the guys split up, everyone did their own thing and the Denver Broncos upset the Pittsburgh Steelers led by more oh-my-goodness-what-just-happened-did-you-see-that-how-is-this-possible heroics from Tim Tebow.

My son, Denver, was not named after the city or any of its sports teams, but if the Broncos somehow win the NFL Championship, my little man will earn some kind of Super Bowl nickname out of it.

That’s the latest from Florida. I’m off to sulk that I can’t scare the locals by making an appearance on the beach. Casper would have been alive and well!