I am not on vacation, I am not on vacation, I am not on vacation.

When I woke up Sunday morning and opened the blinds in my hotel room forgetting what city I was in, I expected to be face-to-face with an apartment or office building, no view whatsoever. Then I remembered we’re in Florida. My balcony faces the ocean. It’s practically beach front. There’s a palm tree nearby with a branch that comes close enough that it seems to be looking for a fist bump. I obliged.

I’ve often wondered how people could play hockey in a place like Florida and now I know. It feels like you’re on vacation. All the time. And if that responsibility-less feeling of being on vacation is the norm, think of what life is like. My word.

I’m just now coming down from the high of the win over in Boston. Talk about a hockey game. That might have been the best game I’ve ever been to live, the atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Judging from the fans alone, there seemed to be more on the line Saturday than last June. Obviously that wasn’t the case, but they were into it big time. Seven deafening LLLUUUOOONNNNGGGGOOOO chants and Roberto wasn’t even playing.

I continue to have an odd respect for the fans in Boston. I like that you can’t go into their building and out-cheer them the way Vancouver supporters do in Phoenix, San Jose and hopefully Florida. There were, I kid you not, maybe 10 Canucks fans at the game, or at least 10 brave enough to sport Canucks gear. Ten. Out of more than 17,000. That’s really saying something. I still haven’t had an opportunity to sit amongst them to see what it’s like down in the trenches, but even from the press box what I heard is enough to haunt your dreams. We’ll leave it at that.

Other than all the insanity on the ice, there isn’t much to report. I did not end up wearing the press pass issued to me, the one with Zdeno Chara hoisting the Stanley Cup. I know they won and they’re happy and we’d be milking it for all it’s worth as well, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Or wear it. I will keep it though, it lights a fire in the belly. After last night’s game I can envision a Canucks/Bruins rematch for the Cup. Can you imagine.

We’ve got a busy day in store, practice late morning/early afternoon, after which will have a new Behind the Lens gallery, Canucks Report and hopefully a feature or two. Then I believe it’s my journalistic duty to check out the beach. I will report back with my findings.